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Clay Hepler is a Husband, Real Estate Investor, and Chief Wealth Strategist at the Creative Capitalist. Clay Hepler helps real estate investors and entrepreneurs create their own bank so that their money works harder for them without taking on any more risk, volatility or working any harder or longer. 

He was able to go from negative net worth to over $4,500,000 in real estate owned in less than two years at the age of 25 by setting up his own bank and leveraging it to purchasing real estate.

Learn how to implement the little known system of the Ultra Wealthy...
Create your bank so that your money works harder for you without taking on any more risk or working any harder or longer....

Here is what you will learn on this FREE WEBINAR:
The Three Different Realities of Spenders   in America 💵 and why being on the wrong side of compound interest curve is destroying your potential to build wealthy...
Huge Lesson #2
Why paying cash 💵  for anything is costing you and your family millions of dollars... what to do about it.
Huge Lesson #3
How to set up a system 🏦 to recapture the majority of your cashflow 💰💰💰 without working any harder, any longer or taking on more risk or volatility
This is the same method that several different U.S. Presidents including JFK and FDR, JC Penny, the Rockefeller Family, Rothschilds, and many of the ultra wealthy have used to store their cash for generations...

Why don't we know more about it? 

The wealthy and Wall Street has been trying to keep it a secret for years and actively spread misinformation about it.


Because it allows you to take back control over your money instead of giving up total control to them, lining their pockets by paying more fees or allowing them to dictate how and when you use your capital.

After you learn how and where the wealthiest families, corporations and banks in America set up their own banks so that their savings work harder for them every day, no matter the market condition, you won't be the same.

After the webinar, you will understand have to increase your creation & production, recover cashflow through eliminating cash flow leaks, uncover lost liquidity to grow & scale your business, and capitalize on opportunities for enormous growth.

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